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Investment & Divestment Process

MARE Investimentos’s strategy combines a strong management team with exceptional strengths in the oil & gas and natural resource space, years of local market experience and the flexibility to support all stages of a company’s development.

Target companies are subjected to rigorous evaluation that analyzes its growth potential, industry positioning and associated risks. Investment decisions are reached after consensus approval by the committees and the realization of a detailed due diligence of the information submitted and the company's other conditions.

The fund’s exit strategy is consistent with the practices recommended by international private equity management models, which typically involve divestment to a strategic investor or an initial public offering. A consolidated divestment may also be attractive, depending on the current market conditions and balance sheet benefits.


The investment committee implements best corporate-governance practices regarding the invested companies, in accordance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) and the standards of the market's self-regulatory entities. Accordingly, the strategy is based on implementing efficient management, intensive monitoring and pursuing adequate asset liquidity.


The expertise of the fund managers is key to the portfolio composition. The team conducted a comprehensive analytical and diagnostic study of the Oil & Gas industry and selected subsectors that qualify for investment. In the initial stage, the identification of investments are based on various complementary methods:

  1. Researching of the industry conducted by the research team.
  2. The extensive relationship network of the managing partners of MARE Investimentos.
  3. Co-investment with other investors who see value in having MARE Investimentos participate in enterprises in the Oil & Gas industry.
  4. Attracting entrepreneurs through the media and other channels.
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